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Mid Century Modern Cat treeMid Century Modern Cat tree
Mid Century Modern Cat tree
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Modern Wooden Cat Tree
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Modern Style Cat Tree
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Contemporary Modern Cat Tree
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Unique Modern Cat Tree
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Modern Wall Mounted Cat Tree
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Modern Art Cat Tree
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Minimalist Modern Cat Tree
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Modern Aesthetic Cat tree
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White Modern Cat tree
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Modern Black Cat Tree
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Modern cat tree

What's the purpose of a cat tree?

A modern cat tree provides a designated space for your cat to scratch, climb, and nap. The most common type of cat tree is a free-standing tower with several tiers of platforms and scratching posts. Other popular features include a built-in perch, a tunnel or cave, and a dangling toy.

The primary purpose of a modern cat tree is to provide cats with an opportunity to scratch. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and it helps them keep their claws healthy and groomed. A good scratching post will have fabric or sisal that is resistant to wear and tearing.

Many modern cat trees also include climbing surfaces and perches. This allows cats to explore their surroundings and get some exercise. Napping spaces are also important, as they provide cats with a comfortable place to rest.

Cats are naturally curious and love to explore their environment. This means that they often find themselves up high, observing their domain.
An indoor cat may feel a lack of toys (balls, tunnel, platform with condos or cozy hammocks...).

A cat tree gives your cat a stable place to let off steam. It will scratch the trunk and prevent him from mistaking your home for a scratching post by deterioring your furnitures or curtains.

It will also help keep your cat (or kitten) healthy by keeping it active through climbing, which at the same time will play a regulating role in the size of its claws.

Finally, it will positively regulate your feline's sleep by offering him a reassuring place to take a nap.

How to choose your cat tree?

When it comes to choosing a cat tree, there are several options to consider.

You want to make sure that the cat tree will fit in your living space and that your cat will have enough room to play.

You don't want to have a cat tree that is too small for him, or he will get bored in no time. You also want to make sure that the tree is strong enough to support your cat's weight.

The price range can also vary depending on the material (wood if you want to keep a natural decor), the number of sisal poles to keep a stable structure with beautiful natural trunks.

The shapes can vary if you opt for a contemporary or natural style.

The number of scratching posts often in sisal around the posts gives your cat an extra outlet to avoid discharging its excess energy in your interior design.

Modern cat tree

The perfect size for your home

The cat tree should fit into your decor and should be installed in the main room so that your cat can enjoy your presence.

Cats instinctively seek higher ground to hunt prey and protect themselves from predators.
Keep in mind your cat's age and the space in your home when choosing the height and model.

So avoid a tree that's too small and won't channel your cat enough (especially for kittens) if he's a feisty one.

If he's in his prime, opt for stairs to help him climb, with platforms and hammocks located as close to the ground as possible.

Scratching posts should also ideally be placed on the first post.

large cat trees with taller, thicker wooden poles and trunks are a good solution, provided you can find one at a price that can exceed the budget, and you have an interior that can accommodate a modern cat tree.

The accessories' dilemma

Modern cat tree

The scratching post

Your cat should have a scratching post, depending on the model, choose sisal, a solid and natural material - and the price is not luxury and remains affordable for small houses - which will facilitate climbing while controlling the growth of its claws.

Still on a natural theme, the wood will remain to privilege for an interior which will stick to a modern decoration.

You can also stimulate its use by rubbing the griffo²²ir with catnip (more commonly called "catnip"), litter or with an object it likes (a blanket, a toy) on it.

It is possible for young cats or simply those who do not have this natural reflex to guide them by gently taking their paws and scratching the right place to indicate that it has the right to do so.

The support of the post should be stable and of good quality to support your cat's clawing.

Positive reinforcement is a great ally: reward him with a treat every time he scratches. Beware of weight gain though!

Modern cat tree

Stimulate your feline with toys

Very often the indoor cats do not spend enough time and the consequences on their health can be serious (muscular problems, obesity...).

On the contrary, a regular physical activity will prolong its life and reduce its stress.

In addition to the sisal ropes that go around the poles you also have the rope of hanging, which gives your cat an additional opportunity to let off steam but also will sharpen his claws (but not as much as a real scratching post).

More simply, you can choose hanging balls, which are often attached to the tree via a platform and will add a design touch to your home.

In order to make the right choice we invite you to take into account the personality of your cat, the ideal is to compare with the toys he already has and observe what he prefers.

When in doubt, the technique of rubbing catnip on the toy or the cat tree post is always very effective.

Modern cat tree

Perchs and cozy condos

We've all seen cats even as kittens hiding in cardboard boxes that aren't very stable, and trying to scratch you if you were unfortunate enough to reach out.

Except that it is not necessarily obvious to add this kind of thing in your interior design.

That's why it will be up to you to choose the style and number of hiding places that your cat tree will have, depending on the price you can find one even for small budgets that will remain of good quality.

You don't have to break the bank to give your cat the play space he deserves!

If you want to have a unique interior design in your home and you can afford it, it is also possible to add a cat tree to wall platforms (after a bit of climbing on a pole).

We mentioned earlier that the character of your cat was decisive, but more also the number of felines that run amok in your home.

Indeed, you have in your arsenal the simple platforms, or those that make the connection between several posts to which will be tied sisal ropes that will act as scratching posts.

If you want something more comfortable and more discreet you can opt for the hammock, a real place to relax and cozy nest.

Finally, for the more shy, we have different models of cat houses, a real centerpiece of the cat tree design that will often sit on the main trunk.

Modern cat tree

What about the design?

You don't have to sacrifice the practical aspect for your eyesight, in fact the purchase of a cat tree must please your catbut also correspond to your taste.

A designer cat tree is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your home deco and provide your cat with a stimulating environment. These trees come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your cats. Some of the most popular designer cat trees include platforms, towers and spiral staircases. They can vary in height from about 30cm to over two meters for ceilings with the most height. So they are sure to fit in any space. And since they come in a variety of styles, you can choose one that embodies your personality and fits in with your interior design.

Modern cat tree

Affordable luxury

For many people, a designer cat tree is the perfect way to provide their feline friends with a luxurious environment to match their home decor.

However, not all cat trees are created equal. In fact, some products may be more suitable for one type of cat than another. So, what is the best type of wood for a cat tree?

The answer to this question depends largely on your cat's personality. Some cats may prefer wood products that smell like nature, while others prefer wood that smells like furniture polish or other scents. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which type of wood product your cat will enjoy the most.

While there are many types of wood available for purchase as a cat tree, beige remains one of the most popular options because it is both visually appealing and neutral enough to fit into any decor.

It can be paired with black colors or simply natural wood for a very elegant look.

Dizzying heights

The modern cat tree is a stylish accessory that has a wide range of variations and is available at all prices. This unique piece of furniture is perfect for cats who love to climb. The height of the tree can be adjusted to suit your pet's needs and the branches are strong enough to keep your cat safe while exploring its environment.
We offer free standard shipping in the USA regardless of the size of the cat tree. However, not all contemporary cat trees are created equal; in order to get the best for your cats, you need to be aware of some key factors. First and foremost, make sure that the size of the tree is appropriate for your pet; XXL cats need larger trees than smaller ones. Also, if you have a particularly energetic or active cat, consider a larger tree - these models are usually about 6 feet or more. Finally, be sure to consider the size of your pets; many pet owners choose larger trees so their cats have something to scratch while sitting comfortably. For Maine Coon cats or large feline families, we suggest choosing a cat tree that has multiple poles so that each cat can climb comfortably, but also has a kennel, basket, or hammock for each cat.Finally, you'll want to consider an XXL style cat tree that has a pole width that is large enough to support the weight of your large cats and a height that is tall enough for them to romp around.

As a cat lover, you know that cats love to scratch. In fact, they need to scratch to keep their claws healthy and trimmed. A modern cat tree gives your cat a designated place to scratch as well as a place to play and relax. Not only will your cat love his or her new tree, but you'll appreciate the attractive addition it makes to your home decor.A designer cat tree comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly in your living space. Many trees are made from sleek and stylish materials like wood or metal, making them a beautiful addition to any room. Some trees even include perches, hammocks and toys for extra feline fun. A modern cat tree is a must for any cat lover. These trees give cats a place to scratch, play and relax. The best trees have plush cushions and trays for cats to rest their paws. They also include scratching posts to keep cats' claws healthy. Most importantly, modern cat trees allow cats to express their natural instinct to climb.

Modern cat tree

A modern cat tree is a must-have accessory for any happy cat. Cats love to scratch and nap, and a good cat tree provides both. The best cat trees have multiple scratching platforms and nap areas, so your cat can have plenty of options. You don't have to be a Scrooge when it comes to gifts for your cat. In addition to all the new toys, treats and gadgets on the market this year, consider a modern cat tree.Why? Because cats love to scratch, sharpen their claws and stretch. And a good cat tree provides all that and more. It's also a great place for kittens to curl up and take a nap.Not sure which one is right for your feline friend? Check out some of the latest models, like the contemporary or natural cat tree. Both feature plenty of scratching posts, cozy condos and crannies for hiding and perching, and even a little house at the top for added privacy.

Modern cat trees offer a comfortable and stylish base for cats. They come in a variety of variations, so it's easy to find the best price. The trees are also sturdy, making them a great value. A modern cat tree is a great way to give your cat a place to scratch, play and nap. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your home and your cat's personality. The best part is that they are relatively affordable, especially compared to other furniture designed specifically for cats. Plus, there are many variations available, so you can find the perfect one for your feline friend.

Modern cat tree

The natural instinct of the indoor cat

As far as cats are concerned, they have a natural need to scratch. Scratching is an instinctive behavior for cats and is used to mark their territory, stretch their bodies and remove the dead outer layer of their claws. A regular scratching post is the best way to satisfy your cat's scratching needs, but what about when you can't provide a scratching post? That's where a modern cat tree comes in. A modern cat tree looks like regular furniture, but it has different levels and platforms that your cat can scratch. It also has posts and ropes for your cat to climb on. A modern cat tree is perfect for indoor cats that don't have access to a regular scratching post. Modern cat trees come in all shapes and sizes, so there's sure to be one that will fit your home.When you think of modern cat trees, your mind probably doesn't jump to images of elegant, sturdy structures that can accommodate large cats. But, as it turns out, there is a strong demand in the market for stylish and sturdy cat trees that can support even the largest feline.Indoor cats have a natural need to climb and explore their environment. And what better way for them to do so than with a modern cat tree? These trees offer cats a place to scratch, play and nap in addition to satisfying their instinctive need to climb.However, not all cat trees are created equal. You'll want to make sure you choose one that's made from durable materials and is large enough to accommodate your cat's size. You may also want to look for one with built-in toys and scratching posts to keep your cat entertained.

Modern cat trees have become a popular way for cats to mark their territory. Not only do they provide a place for cats to nap, but they also give them four paws up in terms of comfort and safety. Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important to choose one that will fit your home and meet your cat's needs.When you've made a choice for a modern cat tree, be sure to keep your cat's personality in mind. Some cats prefer large trees with lots of perches, while others prefer smaller trees with lots of hiding places. If your cat is active and likes to climb, look for a tree with sturdy branches and plenty of room to claw. If your cat prefers to lounge around, find a tree with soft cloth surfaces and plenty of places to nap.

Indoor felines need a cat tree for a healthy existence, with a variety of essential accessories. An increasingly decorative and durable indoor cat accessory is the cat tree. Indoor felines benefit from this cat accessory because of its various features essential to their physical and psychological health. It is becoming increasingly sought after as an important piece of furniture for modern, modern homes and apartments offering contemporary interiors. Quality made, the cat tree is designed to last and resist damage and wear for a longer life.Indoor cats benefit greatly from the use of a cat tree, which is their favorite accessory bec²²ause of its assortment of essential and useful functions to help their physical and mental health. Increasingly adapted to modern home interiors, the cat tree is well made and made of good material to give it a longer life, so that cats can use it for many years.The cat tree is widely used by cats to play, rest and spend the night with their family! This cat accessory gives your pets their own special play space, rest and scratch to their heart's content. Cats can relax and hop around for a while on the cat tree carpet, allowing them to playfully interact with the high-quality toy. The cat tree is convenient for cats, as it will allow them to jump, sleep and relax with its sturdy design. Felines are allowed to scratch, sleep and play all day with this expandable cat tree, which retains the shape of the cat tree, regardless of the position on the tree. The ideal designer cat tree contains multiple cat accessories, all useful and comfortable for your feline, whether it's made of cardboard or solid wood!²