Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree
Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree
Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree
Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree
Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree
Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree

Modern floor to ceiling Cat Tree

Sale price$324.99
  • Modern aesthetic : The modern cat tree has a scratching post who's easy to move around and be added to large cat tower to a higher height. 3 sisal scratching post is made of 100% natural sisal which is more durable than flush-covered cat scratcher posts. Height adjustable by adding or remove one post. Suitable for small cats, kittens, medium cats and large cats, big cats.
  • Cat activity center : This cat tree combines a cat condo, a ramp ladder, multi-platforms, full sisal-covered scratching post and a dangling ball toy for indoor cats’ different needs. Cats can climb, rest, scratch, snooze with this cat tower. Floor to ceiling cat tree is adjustable with the tension rod and no need to drill a hole on the ceiling.
  • Stimulates physical activity : This cat playhouse has 4-level platform with a luxury condo house. There is also removable mats for easy cleaning. The top fur ball is for cats’ instinct of catch activity and arouse their attention for entertainment. This multi-level cat tree for indoor cats will be sure to add safe exercise & entertainment to your kitty’s daily life. Suitable for small to medium cats.
  • Stable and Robust : Cat trees and towers with a ramp and condo on the bottom, added more stability than usual cat climbing towers. The wood grain base is there for more stability, and you have a scratch ramp ladder to sharpen claws, a cozy condo to rest, curl up, snooze, sleep which made the cat condo tree practical and also a beautiful modern furniture to your house.
  • Easy to assemble : ~ 20 minutes
Cat tree easy to clean

Easy to clean

Waterproof wooden surface with washable pads

washable removable mats cat tree

3 washable and removable mats

It keeps the cat tower dry and and helps sharpen their claws

extra large cat tree larges cats

Safer and last longer

It's easy to clean and the cat tree looks clean and natural.

cat tree toy ball

Explore more fun !

The more the merrier! This cat tree comes with a lot of toy balls and hiding places that your cat can use!

multi cat friendly cat tree

Adapted for big family

The two storied cozy condo with furry cushions will give your cats so much choices to rest and play, we're almost jealous!